Sell real estate anywhere

One Location

Floorplans in pdfs? Unit list in a separate spreadsheet? View photography in a dropbox folder? Blackline App consolidates essential information about your project into one location. Easily educate anyone from brokers to end-users about your project.

Take it Anywhere

Sales presentations are no longer confined to the sales office within office hours. Your project can be presented anywhere and anytime - in a relaxed coffee shop by a sales agent meeting with their client, overseas to investors from a link in an email, or to brokers at their office from a button in your broker portal, Blackline App makes sales presentations extremely accessible.

Powerful tools

Own your sales presentation process

Suite management

Manage the status of suites that will affect the visibility of those suites on Blackline App

Real-time availability

Suite availabilty updates in real-time so all sales presentations are in sync

Unit allocations

Empower sales agents by allocating specific units for them to sell with Blackline App


Understand your project's performance to inform your strategies and suite mixes

Presentation features

A fully-featured sales presentation


Keep track of favourited floorplans to simplify the buying experience

Floorplan compare

Side by side view of two floorplans makes comparing easy

Email floorplan

Save floorplans to email inboxes to keep buyers engaged

3D Scale model

Fully interactive scale model of your project

Selectable units

Browse floorplans by selecting units on the 3D model or on the keyplan


Customize Blackline App to match the branding of your project

Experience Blackline App

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